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Individual competitor's video feature

Individual competitor's video feature

Singapore International Kungfu Competition

This product is a video that we have filmed, featuring individual competitors during the Singapore International Kungfu Competition held on 17 December 2022. 


We want to share this special moment of the competition with you. If you (parent) are interested to purchase the competitor (your child's) important moment to safe-keep it as a memory,


  • Please fill up in the message board with the competitor's name & age in order to help us source for the video.
  • Please let us know your contact number so that we can contact you.


Each video cost $50.


这是我们拍摄的一段视频,视频内容是在 2022年12 月17 日举行的新加坡国际功夫比赛期间。视频是以个人选手为特色拍摄出来的。


我们想与您分享这个特殊的比赛时刻。 如果您(父母)有兴趣购买您孩子的比赛重要时刻,以保管它作为记忆,


  • 请在留言板上填写参赛者的姓名和年龄,以帮助我们寻找视频资源。
  • 请告诉我们您的联系电话,以便我们与您联系。


每个视频售价 50元。

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