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Looking for Sponsorship for Sitcom Production: Teh Tarik Kakis

Congratulations to us and Collective Perspective for being the AWARD WINNER in the World Film Carnival - Singapore (WFCS) 34th season! Together with Collective Perspective, a social enterprise that supports Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in their work, Zing Media (we) presents a sitcom series "Teh Tarik Kakis".

Join us to support PWDs creative works, and have a good laugh. This is just the trailer, head over to: for the full video. Tickets are at $10 each.

Zing Media is currently planning to produce a 2nd season for Teh Tarik Kakis with our lovely artistes from Season 1. We're looking for sponsorship for the 2nd season of Teh Tarik Kakis! Get in touch with us if you're interested in this sponsorship programme!


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