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Learn & Earn

for Aspiring Videographers, Filmmakers, Content Creators & Video Kickstarters

Learn how to start your own videography business while earning up to 4 figures (SGD) monthly income at the same time

How can you benefit from Learn & Earn?

How can you benefit from Learn & Earn?


Wondering what you will learn?

Here are the learning outcomes!

We aim to fulfil your dreams. Zing Academy & Production House would like to offer you our "Learn & Earn" media production house programme.

You'll be required to complete a full WSQ Training Programme in the first month. Within this first month, there will be 4 weeks & for each week, there will be courses for you to go through.

With week 1, you'll be able to master photography techniques, such as the fundamental of photography & cinematography principles. Also, you'll get to experience pre-production where you learn how to manage a production, such as - scripting, breakdown sheet, scheduling & call sheet.

With week 2, you'll be able to focus on production, which includes camera operations (DSLR, mirrorless cameras & production cameras). After getting hands-on, you'll be exposed to post-production, such as editing with professional editing softwares,

With week 3, you'll be trained to do live streaming, where you'll learn about various systems such as audio system, vision mixing system & live broadcasting softwares.

Finally, with week 4, you'll be learning about Social Media Marketing (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube). By understanding the social media platforms, you'll be trained to identify new sales. As a media producer, it is good to have the skill sets of raising funds or sponsorship for your production.

Additionally, our filming academy is an approved training organisation by our Government Authority, SkillsFuture Singapore, as a credible and reliable training centre for filming, video production and live streaming. In case you aren't aware, there is a subsidies of 70% for this programme. If you show potential to create good video content after our training, this can be a ticket for you to further develop your film-making and media production career with us.

Upon your training graduation, we will able to offer you 2 options. The first option - a freelancer working with our company, or the second option - a 6-months internship with our company. Potentially, you can earn up to a 4 figure (SGD) income per month, and it comes with 6 months of free training support. We will ensure your content creation is of utmost quality. 


What will you learn?

Who should apply
1. Learn & Earn

For Professional Wannabes

✔ If you own a handphone cam or digital camera

✔ Want to learn how to startup your video business

✔ Earn up to a 4 figure monthly income (SGD) with Zing Group

Who should apply?


Week 1

Fundamental of Photography



Treatment Plan


Shot list


Call Sheet


Week 2

Camera Operation

Filming Cinematography



Week 3

Live Streaming

Audio Systems

Vision Mixing Systems

Live Broadcasting

Week 4

Social Media Management

Identifying New Sales

Syllabus Highlights

Online & Offline Practical Training

Learning Activities Overview