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ZING MEDIA, as an Edutainment Specialist, is featured by Asia Business Outlook in 2023 as one of the Top 10 production houses in Singapore. Furthermore, we have attained the IPAC Insider Singapore Business Award 2024 'Edutainment Specialists of the Year 2024'. 

We are greatly honored and we will continue to support businesses in Asia with our live streaming products, systems & services and together with our uniquely designed CSR media programmes, we aim to enhance their corporate and social branding in terms of corporate, community and family well being by featuring their ESG efforts for a better and wiser tomorrow.

We create a wide range of productions and CSR programmes to meet your everyday business & corporate needs from any part of Asia. We aim to support more businesses in Asia, bringing your production and CSR needs to greater heights by promoting corporate well-being and community well-being.

We have recently successfully live streamed Miss World Singapore & Malaysia right from our Zing Studios in Singapore. Adding a lift to your brand awareness, fan engagement & campaigns, we provide strategic, actionable, practical and creative solutions to help meet your marketing and broadcasting objectives.

We also have achieved several film awards for our shortfilm works. We aim to bring our productions into greater heights with movie productions and to be part of the movement to promote community well being and family well being.

Read below how Asia Business Outlook has reported about Zing Media. Watch our video portfolios and from our talent base, select your preferred video production services.

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