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Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Take this opportunity to encourage team building and family bonding with your families, friends and colleagues! Celebrate with us together with all year annual celebrative days with music and fun karaoke singing made challenging. Haha! Yes! Take this opportunity to bring your singing and musicality to the next level.

For a start, one way is to join our uOk iOk Movement

Firstly, join in as an influencer by singing your very best at our uOk iOk Live Nite Variety Shows. We will enrol you automatically in our Talent Hunt and Songwriting competitions  (you can opt out) and let your songs touch Hearts and Souls to build positive relationships and encourage everyone to Live Life to the Fullest.

See you at our Musica Live Nite Shows.

Secondly, learn from each other and from experts and masters with their creative art forms and musicalities and bring your musical and artisitry influence to the next level.

See you at our Mastery Programmes.

Last but not least, join our Musica Busking Music Band as influencers and ambassdors of uOk iOk movement through our music and original songs gigs, live shows & busking.
We look forward to have you to join us if you are able to 
1. be the ambassadors of the uOk iOk movement
2. play an musical instrument and sing (if can't sing like a diva, at least busking quality lah!)
3. share a musical skill (anything creative or artistic) through workshops

4. perform at our Musica Live Nite Variety Shows

5. join in our gigs with CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility's theme related live music band programmes for corporates and their staff. This is a paid project, of course, if we have any!

See you at our Musica Practice & Jamming Sessions.

Contact us to find out more!

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