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Welcome to uOk iOk Club Studio Live
Talent Hunt • Mastery • Gamily
Stand a Chance to join Talent Hunt Competition Finals at Mediacorp Studio with total prizes worth $100,000

Hi I am Roland Ang and together with your sponsor, we are ambassadors of uOk iOk movement where we aim to inspire our community to Live Life To The Fullest!

As we are venturing into movie productions and live streaming projects with our business partners, we are looking for and discovering talented artistes, actors, singers, live streaming hosts and performers to collaborate.

To start right, together with your sponsor, we want to give opportunity to as many talents as possible, (young, teens, adults and seniors) not with just your voice but also your story that goes with the song that you are singing. 

You can purchase a ticket that comes with being
•inspired by performance of your Master Sifu
•put you to your best to sing your favorite karaoke songs
•a star for some nites where can enjoy singing with a live band performing with your song

All you need to do is to purchase the ticket through our QR Code or link provided, let us know the titles of the songs you would like to sing, and you are set to start your adventure of talent discovery. 

And with this ticket, it automatically enrol you to our talent hunt challenge. As our studio is equipped with multicam video filming & broadcasting facilities, all the performance will be recorded.  And these videos will go to LiveLifeToTheFullest TV and social media networks for inspiring the public and to gain likes and shares.

Near year end, we will announce and invite Top 40 talents based on their 10 videos performance in terms of no. of views, likes and shares. By then, they can decide whether to enter the competition.

Meanwhile from now, you can clock as many videos as possible through our uOk iOk studio live shows, we will base on your best 10 videos for ranking. 

So give your very best for your performance and also give your best attention to your friends’ performance too. 

But remember, to inspire your supporters is not about singing your songs well only, it is really about sharing your life lessons, your stories and your determination to improve your performance to win your supporters’ heart. 


By the way, you can also own the videos by paying for the license to post them in your own social media channels to boost your fanbase and increase your popularity, which these videos can add points to the overall ranking. 

You can purchase the videos through this link or paynow QR Code with the Studio producer and we will whatsapp you a download link within 3 days time for you to download to your phone and then upload to your social media. 

Which bring me to the next part, our uOk iOk Mastery programmes. 
Right now, you will be inspired by your Sponsor who hopes either to develop you and bring your creative talent & skills to the next level. 
If you are impressed with what you are seeing, take this opportunity to learn from your Master Sifu. 
You can scan a QR code for a free trial lesson at our studio with your master Sifu giving you tips how to improve your performance or if you are convinced enough, you can sign up straightaway on this day at discounted rate for the Masterclass.

We will also encouraged you to take up our WSQ Tik Tok video course and Tik Tok Live Streaming course so that you can kickstart your Tik Tok karaoke channel to boost your exposure and increase your popularity. These courses are greatly subsidised by SkillsFuture Singapore. Just check and register through your sponsor.

Lastly, watch out for our Gamily game shows for families, and bring your family along for these great family bonding activities and together they can join in karaoke singing for a great and relaxing nite. 

With that, I hope you have a fun time and adventurous journey with us starting from this day.

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What is the KaraWeOk Challenge?

What is the KaraWeOk Challenge?

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