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Welcome to uOk iOk Club Studio Live
Money Quotient • ESG • Business Alliance 

Hi I am Roland Ang and together with your sponsor, we are ambassadors of uOk iOk movement where we aim to inspire our community to Live Life To The Fullest!

We aim every Tuesday nights, with the workshops that we are organising, inviting SME business owners like you, to explore the potential of venturing into business alliance to grow and expand their businesses, while in that process we also help businesses to build sustainability capabilities with ESG standards. We are a network of business people and experts where we can gather together here, explore opportunities, learn from each other and find ways to collaborate.

And hey! Since you have purchased a ticket for the networking and sharing of expertise and business knowledge, might as well enjoy ourselves singing karaoke songs at our studio that is also equipped with professional karaoke video recording system.

So let's put in your best to sing your favorite karaoke songs
and be a star for a moment that can last for a life time with our video recording.

Well, maybe through this singing, we can find our Gems in the making.

So much about the fun, but seriously, if you like what you have learnt from our workshop, we hope you can further explore to join more of our other programmes that can benefit your business growth.

Lastly, watch out for our Gamily game shows for families, and we hope you can bring your family along for these great family bonding activities and together they can join in karaoke singing for a great and relaxing nite in our other karaoke nites. 

With that, I hope you have a fun time and adventurous journey with us starting from this day for business, for family and for life.

See you soon at our studio workshop. 

But if you are ready for the real thing...

What is the KaraWeOk Challenge?

What is the KaraWeOk Challenge?

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