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How to make interesting commercial advertisements?

We are so excited to share the news that we won the AWARD WINNER in the World Film Carnival - Singapore (WFCS) in its 36th Season! Do you know that our actors and actresses in the commercial were NOT professional artistes? Do you know that we filmed this whole commercial in 1 single location - our Zing Studios? So how did we managed to clinch this achievement with almost zero budget? Let us guide you with some tips and tricks!


Let us use this award winning commercial, 'The Security', as an example.

Firstly, how do you visualise the storyboard that you want to portray? In this case, we played with the props in the set. What is a few items that are the must-have when it comes to a security guardhouse? A CCTV monitor, a walkie-talkie, a window, a name tag on the guard and of course... a security guard.

With 'The Security' giving a horror comedy concept, will a day or night setting be scarier? This is where the lightings play a part.


A night setting... How did we managed to change an indoor day setting to look and feel like an indoor-outdoor night setting?

Tip 1

Dim the surrounding lightings, set up the lightings to your visuals

Tip 2

Creating shadows on the subject and surrounding portrays a realistic set. By creating shadow, we really mean realistic shadows, like the shadow of the moving leaves that was shown in the commercial above.


Have you ever tried watching a horror film without the sounds turned on? How did it felt? It wasn't scary at all, right? Tada! This is why playing the with sounds is extremely important. For this example, we don't really want to showcase a full horror commercial, but instead, we want a little twist at the ending where it turns comedic.

Did you noticed how we did it?


These are some of the tips and tricks. We do have more up our sleeves! So if you're interested in learning to create an interesting commercial... or maybe you could just get us to do it for you!

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