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Top 3 Valentine's Day Gifts

Are you facing the challenge of getting a Valentine's Day Gift for your loved ones? It's Valentine's Day really soon and you're panicking over the perfect gift for your partner!!! What solution do you have?

Before that, let us announce that we are proud that this short film, "The Proposal", directed by Helmi Akbar and produced by Enid Choo, has won the outstanding award in the World Film Carnival - Singapore! We are also grateful that this film will be featured in the Prestigious Golden Merlion Awards' Gala Night that will be held in the year end.

<The Proposal> features a couple, starring Ng Wan Ting as Valerie and Bryan Lum as Bryan. Across the multiverse, couples are proposing to their loved ones, but what really encourages the... "Yes, I do?"

Watch the short film to find out the different proposal techniques and ideas! It could be useful for your future proposal plans!

Alright, let's start with the top 3 Valentine's Day Gift! We're sure that many people often say "flowers and chocolates are the best gift for Valentine's Day"... Are we really sure? And if so, where can we get the best flowers and chocolates?


Honestly... We can get flowers anytime we want, not just on Valentine's Day, right? So here are a lists of best florists in Singapore!

In our opinion, they have a wide range of flowers available for different occasions, not just Valentine's Day! Well, since we're covering on Valentine's Day, let's look into their Valentine's Day specials. They have at least 50 choices for you to choose from! With the lowest pricing from $129.50 to the highest pricing from $971.89. With a wide variety of bouquet designs and flowers for you to choose from, your partner will definitely love this gift.

Just like how they named themselves, you can receive your flowers within the hour after ordering! This is so helpful for last minute plannings (not encouraging last minute planning, but if you're ever caught in the situation, this could be a solution!) There is a slight limited choices in terms of bouquet designs but they do have really unique flower arrangements. Instead of just flowers wrapped up like a bouquet, they have surprise bloom box and even heart box! They do have a wide range of add-ons like teddy bears, cakes and even balloons to go with your flowers arrangements. The lowest pricing starts from $65 and the highest pricing starts from $199.

If you're finding an activity to do on Valentine's Day, while at the same time, wanting to gift your partner with a handmade flower arrangement, this could be your option! Apart from selling just flowers, they do have flower making workshop which includes - bouquet making, ikebana and flowersbutclay! Such a perfect spot for your Valentine's Day date activity! If you're not interested in the workshop, no worries, they do sell flowers that are already arranged for you, and they really come in all designs, with the pricing starting from $125.

P.S: This is such a great place to know what flowers your partner loves keke!


What's more attractive than *blink blink* which holds a cash value too, right..? Just kidding!

We're sure that you've definitely seen SK Jewellery almost in every malls in Singapore! SK Jewellery comes with a wide range of jewellery designs and prices. With the best quality and affordability, they produced jewellery that are both value for money and quality. Well, you can look through their lookbook to find a jewellery that contains the memory of your partner & you.

With more than 70 years of experience in Singapore, Poh Heng received multiple awards which includes the title of Top Performing Luxury Brand in Singapore and many others. Do you know that every piece of jewellery that Poh Heng designed carries a meaning and story behind them? Now you know! They have a wide collections of jewellery designs and collections, and you can even personalise your jewellery if you wish to surprise your loved ones!

If you want to take your Valentine's Day into the next level, well we meant... maybe a marriage proposal? Michael Trio Jem is ideal for wedding jewellery. They specialise in engagement rings and wedding bands for both him and her. With quick and quality services of highly affordable jewellery, you can rest assured that you will definitely receive a good marriage proposal jewellery!


Is your partner hinting you to take the next step in life, together? This might be a good chance to take him or her for a dress up in the gowns!

Are you a k-pop fan? Or is your partner a k-pop fan? Here's a really fairytale Korean wedding idea that you can bring your partner to! We've watched Korean dramas, and wow the weddings are so fairytale-like! With packages that covers pre-wedding photoshoot, to gown wearing!

With full packages available from pre-wedding to actual day including of makeup & photography, you can't miss out on this! Well, they do have top notch service provided during the gown wearing session. If you're worried that your partner takes too long to try their gowns, you can take a seat in the comfortable environment with high-grade tea and snacks! They are fully-prepared to keep you relaxed and occupied as your partner tries their gowns!

What's more than an affordable bridal wedding gown? With a wide collection of designs available to choose from at an affordable price, what more can you ask for? They do provide wedding photoshoot with a coverage of 2 locations! And they do have partnerships with makeup artists and even florist! So to save you from the trouble to find your makeup artist or florist, this could be a solution!

So... what exactly are your top 3 ideas for a great marriage proposal?

Now that we've given you some tips on the top 3 Valentine's Day Gift, have you watched the short film? If you haven't, we have MORE ideas in that film, so do show your support to the award-winning short film!

Let us know in the poll below, among the 3 ideas, which idea do you think works for you?

Which idea do you think works for you?

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