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Learn & Earn

for Aspiring Videographers, Filmmakers, Content Creators & Video Kickstarters

Learn how to start your own videography business while earning up to 4 figures (SGD) monthly income at the same time


Are you facing the pain of not being able to achieve your dream as a video producer or videographer? Do you want to step into the media industry and be your very own producer or your own boss of a video production house? Are you looking for ways to skill up your touch with all the media equipment? 

Watch our video explainer with a detailed explanation on the different methods to skill up while earning an income.

* Zing Media has came up with a "Learn & Earn" programme, tailored just for you. With strong industrial experiences and knowledges in the media industry, WE want YOU to join us in content creation for betterment of our communities in your country and ours.

* Enables you to skill up to our standard in content creation while earning up to 4-figures income a month (SGD).

* Find gigs easier in Singapore without the need to travel here and work from your hometown in your country

* Increase chance to work in Singapore with certification recognised by Zing Group


* Acquire in-demand filming & video production skills using your handphone, small cameras with 1 day, 3 days or 6 days online training with Singapore Skillsfuture asynchonised learning standards


* Real world learning with our 1 to 6 months production support to ensure meeting content creation standards for gigs completion

* Stand a chance to be invited to work in Singapore as a media producer based on projects or employment

* Attain support from Zing Group to setup your own media production house in your hometown.

Wondering what you will learn?

Here are the learning outcomes!

OR YOU ARE FROM INDIA, BANGLADESH, MYANMAR OR THAILAND... you wish to work in Singapore as a video producer or videographer? Do you wish to start your own video production, business, but you do not have the capital and skills to achieve your dreams?

In this difficult times, it could be challenging to fulfil your dreams...

10 years ago, I started as a video producer with a single small camera but now we are running several studio sets with more than 25 cameras. It is like a running a broadcast station.


Good news for you if you wish to do the same as what we have done. Because we aim to fulfil your dreams. Zing Academy & Production House would like to offer you our "Learn & Earn" media production house programme.


1. It comes with YOUR CHOICE of 1 day, 3 days or 6 days of high quality video production/videography training from the comfort of your home, depending how you want to start, and it comes with up to 6 months of production support.


2. Upon your training graduation, we will able to hire you or give you gigs as our video producer or videographer in your country, and potentially to earn up to a 4 figure (SGD) income per month, and it comes with 6 months of free training support. We will ensure your content creation is of utmost quality. 

3. We are also very happy and excited to announce that recently, we have successfully live streamed "Miss World Malaysia" and "Miss World Singapore". We would like to share with you everything that we have gained and know about this production and to see you through so that you can be as successful as we are.

4. Additionally, our filming academy is an approved training organisation by our Government Authority, SkillsFuture Singapore, as a credible and reliable training centre for filming, video production and live streaming. If you show potential to create good video content after our training, this can be a ticket for you to further develop your film-making and media production career with us, either from your hometown or with us in Singapore.

Sign up for our FREE webinar to find out on how you can receive a training certificate from our Singapore academy in filming, recognised by us and how you can work with our production house in Singapore as a video producer from the comfort of your hometown. 


What will you learn?

Who should apply
1. Learn & Earn

For Professional Wannabes

✔ If you own a handphone cam or digital camera

✔ Want to learn how to startup your video business from your country &

✔ Earn up to a 4 figure monthly income (SGD) with Zing Group

Who should apply?



Video concept

Treatment plan





Shot list

Camera Operation

Filming Cinematography


Audio Recording


Editing Set-up

Music Production

Visual Effects

Social Media Management

Setup Channels

Marketing Distributions​

Live Streaming

and many more...

Syllabus Highlights


Online & Overseas Remote Practical Training

Learning Activities Overview